The Hidden Earring

On the first weekend of summer my brothers and I went to our Granny and Grandads. When our own parents came to collected us. We had to tell them that my earring might have went into my ear! My grandparents said that the back of the earing had to come off. The back of my earring was tight on finaly my my Mammy got the back off. One last problem my earring was actually in my ear. lucky for me Grandad had a plan, he got the end of a roll of thread and pushed the earring threw the hole and out of my ear. My mammy took the earring out the ear and that was it out. My ear was bleeding I didn’t notice except my brother kept worriedly saying “your ear is bleeding.” I hope it never happens again. I will wear bigger earrings now. That is the first big bump over.

I heard stories threw the day about different problems with earrings but there is one I will remember. One of my aunties, when she was my age, the back of her earing went into her ear. She waited 3 weeks to tell. When she told, her mother just got the tweasers and pulled it out. My aunty never wore earrings again.


A Royal Dream

The moon shone as Sara began to drift off to sleep. One minute she was lying down in her bed the next minute Sara was in a king sized bed. A servant came in and said “what would you like to eat your highness?” Sara realized she was the queen of England. She said a boiled egg.

Then another servant came in, with some mail. Sara asked the servant to put the mail on the bed. One letter invited her to a party. It was today. She got dressed into fine clothes. Then Sara climbed into the carriage.

At the party there were big long tables, there were lots of kings and queens. One king asked her to marry him. Sara looked at the king and agreed. She loved his deep brown eyes, he loved her light smile. His name was Mark.

On the day before they were to get married. A dragon came and captured Sara. Mark put up posters that said have you seen the queen of England. Nobody had though, so off Mark went to the dragon’s tower. He killed the dragon and saved the queen. The next day they got married. Suddenly Sara woke up it was just a dream.

The next night she dreamt she president of the U.S.A. All that week she dreamt she was rich.

Dublin Zoo School Tour

On the 29th of May I went to Dublin Zoo on my school tour. We went on a bus. The tour guides name was Jim. He knows a lot about the history of Dublin Zoo. It opened in 1831. Dublin Zoo is the main and largest zoo in Ireland. It is in the Phoenix Park. There are two hippos, eight elephants and two rhinos. The rhinos are much endangered because people are hunting them for their horns. They think that there is medicine in the horns but the horns are just made from the same thing as your finger nai

Jim told us that flamingos eat blue allege and it turns them pink. Some people think flamingos can’t fly but they can.

The elephant in Dublin Zoo are Asian elephants. Someone spoke to us about the elephants while they were being fed apples.

The hippos were called Heidi and Henry. Heidi likes swimming but Henry likes lying down in the sun. Hippos have no hair.

There was a silver back gorilla. male sitting at the window. Jim said that he always sat there. We have got cousins in the zoo.

The chimpanzees are humans cousins but beware they are the worst animals to meet in the jungle.

Some of my favourite animals are the elephants, the hippos and the giraffes.
Once two giraffes came up to us and the second time one came up to us. The male giraffe has the longest tail on earth. Giraffes have the longest neck on the earth and the longest tongue on earth also. They have no voice. Their tongue is black because if it was pink it would get burned.

I enjoyed myself, and I would recommend for everyone to visit.

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Vampire Blood

Once upon a time there were two little girls. Their names were Lucy and Mary they were best friends.

Image (17)

Mary was an orphan. So she lived at school. Mary slept that night peacefully. Mr Birch her maths teacher tiptoed in. Suddenly he bit Mary. Mr Birch was a vampire.

Image (16)

Mary felt funny. She had her maths test in the morning. Normally she would fail but this time Mary got an A+. At lunchtime Mary stayed inside and practiced her spellings. Lucy got worried. Mary wasn’t talking to Lucy. Lucy knew that a vampire bit her. Lucy knew that she had to find a spell to save her friend.

Image (15)

Lucy knew Mr Birch would sleep with the cure. She knew where Mr Birch lived. Lucy snuck into his house. Very quietly because Mr Birch was asleep. She grabbed the cure and ran. Lucy whispered it to Mary. Mary was cured.

 Image (14)


Is Mise Aoife

Tá   mé  seacht  mbliana  d’aois. Tá  cúigear  i  mo  chlann.  Mamaí,  Daidí,  mise,  Aidan  agus  Tomás.  Tá  mé  i  chónaí  i  nDroichead   Atha.  Is  maith  liom  pizza.  Ní  maith  liom  obair  bhaile.  Is  cailín  mé.  Is  rinceor  mé.  Is  brea  liom  bheith  ag  féachaint  ar  an  teilifís.  Is  fuath  liom  an  nuact.  Is aoibhinn liom  cartún  agus  scannán.  An  scannán   is  fearr  liom  ná   The   Lorax.  Is  maith  le  Tomás  bheith  ag  caint.  Is  maith  le  Aidan  bheith   ag   imirt   peile.  Tá  gruaige  rua  orm.  Tá   súile  gorma   orm.  Is  cailín íseal  mé.  An séasur  is   fear  liom  ná  a  t-earrach.  Is  maith  liom  t-earrach   mar  tá   bláthanna  ag  fás  agus  tá   na  héin  ag  teacht  ar  ais. Is  brea  liom  bheith  ag  scátáil.

Me testing out my  new rollerskates at Christmas
Me testing out my new rollerskates at Christmas


I like leaping. It is very fun. Running and then leaping makes you go further. Leaping is good exercise. There are a lot of different leaps. You can leap off things too. I am very good at leaping. I can leap really far. I don’t know how far I can leap. Try to leap off a box and spin in the air. Do you like leaping? If you do how far can you leap? I’m good at skipping. If you can skip than you can leap. Leaps are one skip on their own. Sometimes you feel like you are flying. Put out your arms and leap. Doing it is fun.  I hope you like leaping too.



It’s tricky being the oldest. It sounds easy but it is not. In fact it’s boring. Here are some tips to have fun.

  1. Have lots of friends.
  2. Have a talent you enjoy.
  3. Take time for yourself.
  4. Play with your friends.
  5. If your little brothers/sisters are annoying ignore them.
  6. Like reading.
  7. Write stories.
  8. Have a collection.
  9. Enjoy imagining.
  10. Enjoy yourself.